About RecruiterHunt

Hi, I’m Carmen. I have been working on this problem – how to save, store, update, rank and share all of my recruiting-related links since the mid ‘90s. My dream is that RecruiterHunt becomes a useful community, a place where recruiters and sourcers help other recruiters and sourcers recruit better.

This isn’t my first rodeo.  I like to create useful stuff for recruiters. Peopleshark Labs is my sandbox.

Let me know if you like Recruiter Hunt, or if you’d like to see an improvement. I’m all ears.

Me? I’m a nerd. By day I consult to companies on recruiting problems, and train recruiters and hiring managers. When I’m not on a plane – and sometimes when I am – I like to tinker. I also like to read. And write. While drinking wine.

Come back often.


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