• Ottp W. Hall, DMD

    Almost every day I’m getting emails from a company I never heard of telling me, a 76 year old retired dentist, about job openings available if fields I know nothing of in far away places I wouldn’t go to, even if I had a gun to my head. At first I just deleted them. Now, I have attempted to “unsubscribe” from them three times and the function does not work. I went to their website and there is no link to contact them. If you are “JobMote” please stop the emails. If you are not this company, and you can transfer this message to them, I’ll pull any or all your teeth for free. Thanks.

  • Pat Riley

    Love the concept of a site dedicated to remote work but the job results were 2 years old. No place to filter time of job posting. I checked multiple job classifications.

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