• Hemanth Kumar

    Hi Recruit’em, this site helped many recruiters to do their work simple and easy way, but from last two days we are not able to access the page. My humble request is to please work on it and fix the issue.
    Thank You.

    • Carmen Hudson

      That’s sad! It is (was) a great tool. Plenty of other options in the Search Collection. And of course, it’s never too late to learn Boolean!

      • Neha Jha

        Hi Jonathan,
        Tried removing the S and searching but that didn’t work either. Is it working for you? If yes, can you help us with that. It takes me to a page called Godaddy.com. If you know of any other tools, please let us know. We’re really in need of a tool

  • Carmen Hudson

    Hi Neha – removing the “s” won’t work if you have super tight browser security.

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